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Why RGP?

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We take a unique approach to consulting. Working inside our clients' business, we help companies navigate their most pressing issues. We are problem solvers, advisors, and strategists who craft custom solutions to the unique challenges of half of the Fortune Global 500. As such, RGP Consultants routinely have a global impact, even when working on a local engagement. We deploy decision makers, problem solvers who have what we can TIEL: Talent, Integrity, Enthusiasm and Loyalty, people with the experience and perspective to direct and manage their careers and start adding value the moment that they are engaged.

This is your opportunity to partner directly with business leaders who respect and value your knowledge and experience. And, because you work as an extension of the client's team, you'll see the difference you're making firsthand. If you're an independent, self-motivated professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, RGP's unique brand of consulting may be right for you.


RGP offices are located in 12 European countries where a team of 800 professionals serves 500+ clients throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Leveraging our global presence, our Consultants provide strategic project management, project execution and operational support for new and ongoing client initiatives. When you become an RGP Consultant, we ensure your success with a formal on-boarding process that gives you have a strong understanding of RGP and your assigned clients' business. Independent consulting opportunities exist at RGP for professionals with deep functional and industry expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategic Initiatives

    • Financial Transformation
    • System Implementation
    • Program/Project Management
    • Regulatory Compliance

Consultant compensation packages vary by market.

Search All Europe Jobs


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