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General questions

Why should I join the Talent Community?

As a member of the Talent Community, you’ll receive customized e-mail communications with news, career insights, and job or event alerts based on your chosen preferences and interests. Simply provide us with some brief details about yourself so we can keep you informed about happenings at RGP. Once you’ve completed our Talent Community form, you will be added to the RGP Community and will begin to receive relevant communications related to your areas of interest.

Why should I sign up for Job Alerts?

Signing up for job alerts will enable you to receive customized e-mail job alerts based on keyword and location search criteria, which you can pass on to others in your network who may be interested.

The interview process

What is the interview process for consulting roles?

It’s important to us that you work at the intersection of your expertise, skills and life stage throughout this process.
We begin with an exploratory conversation. This is a great time for us to learn who you are and for you to better understand RGP and our unique consulting model. This initial conversation could be via phone, video conference, or in-person. If there is mutual interest, we will encourage you to complete our employment application.
As we engage you further in this process, we will work to understand your passions, experience and skill sets to determine where they best align with opportunities and upcoming client engagements. You may have additional conversations with RGP team members, usually in-person, so you can gain additional information and clarity around a career at RGP, and help our team better understand your goals and aspirations for your next opportunity. When a client engagement develops that aligns to your passions and skills, we will reach out to set-up a direct meeting with the client or RGP partner. If there is not an immediate alignment, we will continue to have conversations and connect through networking events to help you gain greater exposure to the people of RGP.

What is the interview process for management and support roles?

We begin with an exploratory conversation. If there is mutual interest, we invite you for a more in-depth interview with a Talent Acquisition leader and/or Hiring Manager. This is typically conducted in-person or via video conference. If there is a strong experiential and cultural alignment, you will be invited to complete our online application as well as a quick behavioral assessment.
Depending on the position (and the scope of leadership), you may be scheduled for additional interviews with senior level leaders or would-be peers who have relevant knowledge of a given role.
The interview process at RGP is thorough but timely. We want to get to know you, but also want you to get to know us so that we are making the right decision together.

What is the interview process for professional search roles?

You begin with a discussion with an RGP professional to gain a thorough understanding your unique characteristics, career objectives and the opportunities that you would like to explore to make a career change.
We will have a meaningful conversation about your career, and conduct interviews to assess capabilities and qualifications for positions as well as understand your personality, motivation, and behavioral traits. We seek to understand what you are sincerely interested in pursuing by discussing all aspects of your background and potential opportunities, and ensuring alignment with your career goals and the client objectives.
We then assist with resume, interview and offer preparation. Our hope is to partner with you and be part of your success story on your career journey.